Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Making the beds.....

Worked on getting the raised beds ready to plant. The dirt needed a leveling after adding the manure in the fall.  Also, needed it because Ziva tried to constantly eat it.  Yuck!

Moved the hoops to different areas so no plants will go where their type went last season.

Bought a new little kids rake for working the beds and it went very well.  I had a plastic one last season and it got brittle and broke near the end of working the beds.  This one is metal, so I'm hoping for many years of using it.

Only a few new weeds were up so the cold has helped me there.

Doing a dry fit of the new seeping system for watering these babies.  As I said earlier, we decided not to use the rubber hose system because of the used tires it is made from.  I really couldn't see eating healthier when I'm watering with petroleum breaking down into the dirt. Those hoses were toast by the end of the season and by the way they looked, much of the stuff had made it's way into my garden.  So, no more!  This system is mostly material so I'm hoping it's a better alternative. 

We hooked it up and turned it on.  And, water went spurting everywhere; pieces came flying apart; Yikes!  Steve was put to work gathering sundry pieces and joining them together, again.  Some clamps were necessary.  On it's second run, things worked well.

The second bed gets done tomorrow and planting will start, even if I have to cover the beds with material each night.  I can't wait much longer or the season will be too short and I'll be in the same pickle I was last year.

When the greenhouse gets finished I can move plants there that I can't seem to get to grow well in the beds.  That is WHEN it gets done.  Still working on it daily.

Now, dinner.  I'm thinking popcorn and apples.   Yummm......

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