Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day weekend's moving along......

Most of the poly-carbonate panels are into the greenhouse now, and Steve is starting to get the weed material and cinders into the floor area.

He left the panels out next to the pile of cinders so they could be easily shoveled onto the floor.  Once the floor is done, he'll put those panels in.  Then, we do the door and stand back and see how we did.

The high winds have coated the panels with grime so they aren't looking too good, here.  It seems very sturdy so I have high hopes for a successful partnership with the greenhouse for many years.

My choice of weight for my "cheap greenhouse" has changed as the winds have increased their ferociousness.   The hammer couldn't hack it.  I chased the plastic down several times, so the bolt cutters have moved to the garden.  It'll be nice to have the real greenhouse completed soon.   Soooo excited!

The holiday is progressing along nicely.  I can hear that several houses have filled up, now that summer is here.   It's nice after being the only people around our area for the winter.  Being a "seasonal" area can be kinda lonely, sometimes.  

Kids in the area are squealing while running through the rain.  Yes, we've had some rain to go along with our winds.  

I hope that it helps put out the fires in the area.  Haven't heard anything on the news about the Woods Canyon fire, so it probably means that it's out, or under control.

Something to smile about during our lovely Memorial Day weekend.

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