Friday, May 16, 2014

Necessity, the mother of Invention...

Today, I pulled out all the paper towel seed sheets and got ready to plant them.  This is new for me, but if it works, I'll probably jump up, and down, for joy.

I needed good dirt for the planting.  The extra garden soil we bought when we filled the raised beds is still around, but I didn't like the rocks in it.  The carrots really didn't like it. Last year, I was going to ask Steve to build me a screen in a frame for that dirt, but I forgot. I figured he was too busy doing other things for me this year.   

So, what to do?   I usually deal with Mother Nature up here; she of the terrible winds and freezing cold.  Today, I dealt with Necessity, the mother of Invention.  And, invent I did.

Got out an old colander, moved a chair to the dirt pile, grabbed a tote and sieved the dirt.  It was long and tedious, but it was a beautiful day and was sorta relaxing.  After looking at the screened residue of 2 full colanders, I now see that there are a lot of rocks in that dirt; some really big ones, too.  Filled my tote in 8 loads.  The tote was so heavy that I had to beg Steve to carry it to the beds.  I think it's plenty to get a lot of the sheets planted in the beds.

Next, I wet the dirt in the beds, then used a flat 2 x 4 board to flatten it into a good, even surface.  At first, I laid one paper towel sheet on the dirt, thinking I could shovel some dirt on top of it quickly.  Nope.  Mother Nature and her windy friends blew it across the garden. 

So, I wet the bed and IMMEDIATELY stuck the paper to the water and pressed it to stick. Then, quickly put the screened dirt on top of the sheet.  Taa Daa!  Worked.  In this picture you can make out the other sheets already covered with dirt, which turned a lighter color brown during the screening process.  I hope I made the cover dirt thick enough and that it matches the recommended depth.  A sprinkle of water and we'll see how I did.

Hobbled back to the house, more exhausted than I ever remember.  And, this was only one bed planted.  At least tomorrow I won't have to screen more dirt.  That's what really lead to the exhaustion, I'm sure.  

Tonight, I'm thinking I need something substantial for dinner.  I earned it!
When I really earn a good dinner.... it's fajitas.   As if you needed to ask.

I think you all know about my fajitas fetish, by now.


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