Thursday, May 8, 2014

Regular ol' day...

                                                   Yesterday.... Really windy, AGAIN!  
I don't believe we've ever had this much wind in the 3 years we've lived up here.  

I did get out to uncover the garden and let the chickens out of the coop.  I moved a dog statue out of the garden, to the garden gate.  Ziva went crazy, like she'd never seen it before.

Here, she's attacking it.  Maybe she feels it's invading her territory?  Maybe she feels it shouldn't be allowed to leave the garden?  Funny watching her reaction to it.

I hate the wind, as I've said, probably too many times before.  I decided to stay inside most of the day and work on the computer.  Planned dinner, which is not involving turkey, as I'm done with it after two nights. So, we had... chicken.  Yes, I know it's close to turkey, but I jazzed it up with cream cheese and chives.                                                                 
                                                    And BACON!  Yummmmm!

Added a salad with home-made Blue Cheese dressing and we were set.   Served in nice thick slices, carefully arranged.  Steve was a happy camper.  

Praying that the winds are gone tomorrow and I'm not held hostage in the house...again.

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