Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sand dunes...and forest fires....

I'm wondering if there has been a rip in the fabric of the world and, somehow, the Mid West has been deposited onto our mountain.  It is the only thing that might explain the Dust Bowl we have here.  

There are sand dunes in my garden that weren't there a week ago.  HUGE drifts of sand... making it hard to even walk out there.  Sand in my teeth.... sand in the house.... and My Eyes!! My Eyes!!!

I tried to get something done in the garden today, but my watering eyes just made me give up.  I was able to get plastic down and cages in for the the pepper seedlings I have just about ready to go out.   This area will get a few tomato plants, also.

This morning the traffic sounds heralded the influx of Memorial Day campers and the inevitable problems that follow. Already, we are surrounded by forest fires.  Sedona has one at Slide Rock Park which is around 5000 acres.  Evacuations are starting.
                           All that beauty being destroyed by stupidity, or criminality.  

The Woods Canyon Fire is on our doorstep.  Another human-caused fire.  We are in the Heber community, so the proximity can be seen in the graphic from Channel 15.  I wish the forest could be closed on all holidays which might save our forest home from people who don't practice fire safety.  It's going to be a scary year for everyone on the mountain.

On our east, there was a fire south of Show Low, our shopping city.  Heaven, protect us.
Well, just as I said that.... rain started hitting the windows.   Wow!!

                                                    Heaven answering?  Heaven crying? 

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