Saturday, May 31, 2014

The "girls" will be happier?

Thought I'd show off the coop and run, WITH the sun shade topper finally on.  Whew!!  Now the chickens can get out during the afternoon instead of sitting inside their coop and panting.   There was a cool breeze today, between the bouts of heat, so things went well.

Took a picture of one of the broccoli plants because it's looking great. 

The straw bales seem to work for most of the broccoli, but I do have one that is struggling.  
 Still not sure about using straw bales next year.

Sprouts are FINALLY coming up in the raised beds.  Not sure if it's the seed sheets that slowed the germination process this year, or just the weird weather. 

I just think that seeds came up quicker last year and the only real difference is the seed sheets.  Maybe fighting through the flour-and-water glue is the problem?

Temps are supposed to really heat up this week, so we may take it easy for awhile. 

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