Tuesday, May 20, 2014

               Yes, to everyone out there who's wondering, the winds have arrived.  
Walking outside is like strolling through a wind tunnel with the fan set at "tornado."   
We were smart and decided that since the poly-carbonate panels would be ripped from our hands, we'll just NOT install them today.

                       Instead, we had time to have fun with the chickens.   Flock fun!!

First, I made them some milk and crumbs, which they LOVE!  
                                                                 They also received some greens and red peppers.  

Look how big they're getting. And they are so soft.  I'm still trying to get them to come to me every time.   Mostly, they flee.

So, here is my secret weapon.  Found these worms at the local ranch store.  They're freeze-dried so not too yucky.  It says to offer them in your hand to tame the chickens and really make them like you.  I tried it.  They mostly grabbed one and fled.   But, they did come back for more.   Maybe I'm onto something here!?

It turned out that they didn't particularly like the high winds, either.  They spent most of the day lounging in their coop, except for an occasional foray to see it I was there with more worms.

Maybe I'll sprinkle a few in the coop at bedtime...

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