Saturday, May 10, 2014

Want a clean house?... invite company...

We've been cleaning like demons for the past day.  The house MUST look like it is always clean, even if we have to fudge it a bit and get to it just before they arrive.

My brother and his daughter are coming by for a visit....code name to "drive the 5 ton."  Ha!
Seriously, they will take the truck out, but we're also going to feed them and talk a lot.  They live in California, so we don't get to see them often.  They are checking on their house in Star Valley, the one in the past blog about the gas check we did with Ziva.

After cleaning, I headed out to take care of the garden.  Each day, I take the "greenhouse" out and put it on the raised garden.  Who knew I'd be able to lift a greenhouse?   The winds have made it impossible to keep the lid on without the heavy hammer acting as a weight.   Now you know why I can't wait for the "real" greenhouse to be built.  This seedling starter is working in a pinch, but I really need to spread out.  

I'm getting bell peppers, tomatoes, serranos, jalapeƱos and zucchini ready to go out when the cold temps are finally over.  One zucchini has already gone into the straw bale on the raised bed to replace the one that froze.  We've been consistently in the 40's at night this week, so I hope other things can get planted, soon. 

The girls are trying lettuce and red peppers, today.  They will also polish off the bowl of their food crumbs mixed with milk.  That has turned out to be one of their favorite treats.  Each time I need to replace their crumbles, I mix the powder left with milk so nothing goes to waste.  They are now on growth food for 8 weeks and then go on to layer food.  They each have a little comb coming in, with the runt finally getting the feathers in on her neck.  
I was beginning to wonder what was taking her so long to mature.

I hear the 5 ton starting up, so Steve is out there getting it ready.  It needs to warm up before gallivanting all over the forest.  Gonna have some fun today....

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