Thursday, May 29, 2014

We'd be much farther ahead, if we weren't always going backwards....

After yesterday's heat, we were expecting to have a really hot time fixing the shade topper for the chicken coop and run.   Imagine our surprise, and happiness, when we received a cool, sprinkly day.  (Yes, I know "sprinkly" is not a word, but it's what we received).

And, it turned out that we needed this cool day, as we found out the type of amateurs we are, at least when it comes to designing.  We spent the whole day re-doing the run.  Now, we knew the shade topper fit the run, as we tried it in the garage, first.  Today, we found out that we should have put that top on when we set the run up outside, even of it wasn't going on until later.

Thinking the topper would just slide on when we got it together, imagine our surprise when it was too short to fit in the run.  We'd made the run shorter and wider, when it needed to be longer and thinner.  So, all the supports had to come out and all the skirting of rabbit fence had to be taken up.  CRAP!!

After much swearing and jerking and even some kicking, we got the run reconfigured and the topper frame finally fit into the run top.  It's the silver frame above the run.  Next, we had to hook it all down, again.  I think the chickens may have lost a few days of growth as they were very afraid of us doing all this work on their home.  They got a handful of sunflower kernels and meal worms to soothe them. 

Let me save all of you some time and just say.... take everything out when putting something together, set it up, then remove what you don't need at the moment.  It'll save you some saying of bad words and possibly save your shoes....marriage....sanity.

Later, while lallygagging around the house, I got onto Pinterest and found a pie recipe.  Felt we deserved something after dinner, since our day was a long one.

It's called German Chocolate Pie and it turned out pretty good.  VERY chocolaty and dense.  We will probably be in sugar comas come tomorrow morning.

(Yes, I know "chocolaty" is not a word.... tough!)

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