Friday, June 6, 2014

101 degrees in the shade..... WHAT!!!!

Yesterday, we took Ziva and went into Show Low and bought items for the greenhouse.  I think Ziva was bummed out by it and probably would be happy if she wasn't invited again.

It was a long trip, mainly because the state, or county, is doing road repairs between here and there.  We were a little frustrated when the eastbound side of the road (ours) was stopped so the west bound side could go through the area.  After a long line of vehicles went by, we were excited we may be moving.  Then, nothing happened for 40 minutes.  THEN, the west bound line of cars went by... again!!  Hey!  It was our turn.  What happened?  Someone needs to teach "alternating turns" to those workers.  After a piddle stop for Ziva, we were finally on our way.

There was a sale of solar lights at one place so we stopped in for 30.  Going to light up the garden fence (Steve, stop rolling your eyes).  Then, to Home Depot for gate hardware and buckets.  Yes, 18 orange buckets.  They are going to be cheap (OK, cheaper than cement blocks) supports for the wire shelves for the greenhouse plants.   Also, we are adding a gate on the opposite side of the garden as we found having to get something on the other side by walking completely around the fence's perimeter, a hassle. 

Filled the buckets with dirt so they are heavy and stable and put a lid on.  Lined them up and place wire shelves across them.  Later, they'll be anchored. 

One side done, the other to finish.  We are also going to see if the buckets of dirt add any type of passive heating this next winter.   I like the bright orange color of the buckets and their "Let's DO This" slogan.   Hope it gives me some encouragement.  

You can see the hanging tomato plant just to the left, above. 

My mom sent that holder and I'm excited to see if these work well.  I may keep getting them.  

Now, we did most of this work before 10:00 AM today because even at 8:00 AM it was already 89. 

After seeing the temperature, we decided that it wasn't a good idea for Steve to carry me inside after I'd passed out.   Even a Coke and chocolate wouldn't help in that type of heat.   SO, work early and NOT aggravate his hernia. 

Another story there... for another time!

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