Sunday, June 22, 2014

Almost blew it.....

After checking the garden today, I found I needed to do some internet research.  The broccoli was looking suspiciously like a few needed harvesting.  Having never grown it before, I knew little about it.  Sure, I've seen it in the stores when buying it, but you know how it is.  When it's YOUR'S you want to be sure!!

After watching several YouTube videos, I found I'd waited just a tad too long, but it is still good to eat.  The standard is tight, dark green heads.  The 1st head to be harvested was just starting to loosen, but no flowers have opened.  I got to the other 2 before they'd loosened.  Going to have them for dinner tonight.  So, now that I'm no longer a broccoli virgin, I can say that they were easier to grow than I thought and I will definitely grow them again. 
But, waaaaaaay more than the 5 plants that made it to maturity.

I'm experimenting with a bell pepper plant in a tomato bag in the greenhouse (foreground). 

I have two pepper plants still alive in the raised beds.  One bell and one jalapeƱo.  I had 2 more but something got to them.  Maybe, if this works in the greenhouse, I'll be growing them only in the greenhouse.  I hated finding them gone outside.

Steve is out "playing" with his 5 ton, getting it ready for the parade on July 5th.  So far, I've seen him with several small flags, a LONG pole, a couple of larger flags, some wooden sticks and who knows what else.  Ziva is interested in all of the stuff he's working with, as when he sets anything down, she tries to run off with it.

Maybe there's a way she can be in the parade.  I wonder what she'd think of all the squirt guns and water cannons shooting at her in the truck?


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