Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Barrels and berries.....

Finally, the empty areas of the raised beds have been seeded, with the weekly seeding of the lettuces and radishes finishing up.  Added a few more green onions and just dropped other seeds here, and there, to fill in any empty spaces.

Now, I guess we sit back and wait...not good at that, though.

Steve is in the garage building a water barrel stand for the greenhouse by using recycled  wood from the old hot tub deck from our old house in the valley of the sun.  I found him using the truck bed for an assembly station.  He's going to paint the wood with a water sealing product to help it stand up to the greenhouse environment. 

Made my 1st attempt at a fruit pie today.  Steve found the recipe in the newspaper's weekly insert.  He asked for blackberries.  So, I found some at the store and tried to copy the folded edges in the picture.  The berries made a mess and flowed around the edges.  But, it tasted good to Steve, which makes it a success.  I think I'll try it with blueberries next, as I'm not one for all the seeds in blackberries and raspberries.  

Now, if he'd asked for pecan pie, I would be in heaven, as that's MY favorite.

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