Sunday, June 8, 2014

Comedy in the coop......

Big ruckus brought us to the coop.  We run out there wondering WHAT could be happening....      Should have brought camera because the sight was worth a picture.

The chickens had a squirrel cornered in their run.  I guess he thought he could check the place out and find some food?  NOT!!

He couldn't get away from them fast enough.  Squeezed through the run's bars after climbing up to get over the rabbit wire.   Bet he lost a year of his life, if they live that long.  The girls started walking around like they just won a prize fight.

It was a hot day, so to celebrate, they received...

chicken treats.  Actually made these the night before in anticipation of hot days ahead, but they deserved them after their excitement.  I was able to get 17 made out of 1 can corn and 1 can peaches.  Just dice the peaches.  Rinse both in water to drain them of salt and sugars from processing.  Then, added a heaping tablespoon to the muffin tins and added water.  Freeze and float in a water bowl.  Cools the girls off and gets them to drink more on hot days while they try for the treats.  They were a hit.  Thank you Pinterest.


Made Chicken Pesto Pasta for dinner.  Needed something fast and easy.  Steve is devouring it and, between bites, says this is my favorite dinner. 

Now, we've been married for 39 years and he's never told me that he loves this dish.  I've always thought he hated pesto.  I had to ask why he thought it great, but he's never said anything about liking pesto.  He said you usually make it with shrimp.  I don't like shrimp.  But, it's great when you use chicken. 

Duh!  Another comedy for the day.  I wish I'd known I could get this reaction by changing shrimp to chicken.  Married all these years and I still can't read his mind. 
Correctly, anyways.  I thought it was the pesto, so I rarely make the dish.

The things we learn after 39+ years.....

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