Friday, June 20, 2014

Hot, and

Hot today and I felt like doing nothing.  However, things still had to be done in the garden, so out I went.  I actually got to harvest some spinach for a salad tonight.  The second item to be eaten.  Radishes were first.  The new type I planted has not been a favorite of Steve's so we are now trying a different type. 

Steve finished the new gate next to the greenhouse.  We found it was needed to bring the new cinders into the garden area, when we finally start that job.  Boy, does it save walking around the perimeter of the garden, which didn't seem like a chore, until it did.   Before the cinders can go down we need to sculpt the ground, pull out a few stumps and kill some weeds. 

Since Steve does so well in this heat, he decided that he could work on the step-down between the garden and the chicken coop.

Just behind the run you can make out some wall building blocks we had bought to make a retaining wall in the front of the house.  We decided that they would work better in the garden to shore-up the dirt embankment.

Steve wagoned over several and here he's marking the line to carve out an area to set them.

Once this wall, and possibly one by the straw bale garden, is done, we can lay down the weed material and cinders.  Whew!! 

Seems like a LOT of work..... for Steve.

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