Monday, June 2, 2014

Hot time in the ol' mountains, tonight...

Our first very hot day of the year.  Phoenix metro area is saying about 112 degrees, so I'm not feeling too bad.  Everyone is feeling it, though.

Even Ziva is feeling droopy.  She's not doing her running around the property today.   She visited her "girls" this morning and they all ran to see her (I think she sees dinner and they see an interesting friend?).

Then, she came in and laid around the house.  Could barely move, so we could step over her, because everywhere we had to walk, there she was blocking the route.

Her crate/bed was summer-ized today.  She's been acting hot at night, so Steve replaced her sheets and bedding with a cushy piece of carpet.   The room's windows are all opened and it does get cool at night, so I think she'll be set.  Hope it works.

Later, when I went out to water the seed sheets (still trying to get them to sprout) she found a bit of shade and collapsed. 

Life is tough when the sun is hot!

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