Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ode to Margaret....

When I worked, I sat near a woman who had the longest hair.  Past her waist.  She'd come in each morning and brush it out and put it in a scrunchy for the day.  I admired her, and anyone, who could grow hair like that and decided to do it when I retired.

Well, 3 years later, it got whacked.  Sure, it was nice having it, when it behaved.  But, after being attacked by it; held prisoner by it and, when getting dressed became stressful, it had to go!

Try to lean forward in a chair and my head was jerked back by the hair between me and the chair back.  Try to put a shirt on and it gets stuck inside, kinking my head until I could pull it from the shirt.  Sleeping was no fun when I'd try to roll over and my head is held prisoner because I'm laying on the hair.  I don't know how she did it.  I hated it so badly, that I cut it short with manicure scissors because at that manic moment I couldn't even take the extra time to look for larger ones.   Ah, freedom!

Later, outside in the garden, feeling light and breezy, I pranced about putting the bird netting onto the straw bales.  I'd procrastinated, and a green bean seedling and my carefully tended pepper seedling are gone.  Eaten by some awful bird, or animal. 
I'm so Mad!! 
Yes, it's my fault and now I'm sad.   I think I'm missing some strawberry fruits, too, so everything is covered.  (Note to self, do this earlier next time)

Put a few more seeds down.  More leaf lettuce and radishes are going in.  Hope they grow well.  The arugula came up very quickly, so we have a winner there.  The radishes on the straw bale have gotten big, but it seems the roots are uncovered, so watering seems to wash the dirt off.  Must find a way to add more dirt to the bale. 

Everything in the garden is done early, now, as I hate the afternoon heat.  I spend the afternoons checking my emails, FaceBook and perusing the web.  So much fun and a cooling fan makes it pleasant.

Ziva has decided to join me each afternoon.  I feel kinda special, as she doesn't like to leave Steve.  He, however, can stay in the heat and not be the worse for wear.

Ha!  Ziiiiivaaaa likes me better!!!!


  1. I cut all of my hair off in February! Yeah, I like it, every now and then I do that. Lindy