Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Another day of wind and the house has finally HAD it.  Walked outside this morning and

Steve will be working his magic as a roofer.  If it isn't one thing, it's another.  
This has been the strangest year, as in 3 years we've NEVER seen this kind of wind.

Steve did finish building the stand for my pickle barrel water jug in the greenhouse.   Later, we'll see how it does during next winter.  I hope it helps in heating the greenhouse by storing warmth from the sun in the water.  This is my first foray into greenhouse growing so I expect to learn much.

We are finalizing the 4th of July holiday sleeping arrangements with family.  We are expecting lots of crazy people in the back of the 5 ton truck in this years parade. 

One thing; the house will need an exhaustive cleaning, as there is fine sand all throughout the house from these winds.  I've trained Steve to keep the windows shut until the holiday is past.  I'm still working on training Ziva, as she's gotten used to the arcadia door being left open a smidge so she can go in, and out.  Not now!  Anyway, she's actually training us to come to her beck/call when she wants in/out. 

So, who's training whom?

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