Thursday, June 12, 2014

Please, bow your heads......

Well, I'm a little sad today.  I finally lost my last fingernail to the garden.  I'd pampered that last nail for weeks, but she bit the dust.  Services to be announced.   Donations to your favorite gardener, in honor of my loss.


In just these few days, the new lettuce seeds have started to sprout.  I think the speed with which they did it, lets me know that seeding directly into the beds works much faster than using the seed sheets.  So, no more doing it that way. 

Sure, sitting on the beds, cradling the seeds and watching many blow away while trying to plant them, is frustrating.  But, it's going to have to be my new normal.  Doing the seeding this week, I'd just test the winds before dropping each seed into the dirt.  Yes, it took longer, but hey, I'm retired, so I have the time.  Now, if my "Type A" personality would cooperate, this might be painless, too.

My first strawberry.... ever.  They seem to do well on the straw bales.  I didn't get even one mini berry last season when the plants were in the raised beds.  The plants only put out runners, which I cut so they'd grow berries.  NOT!   This year, I've had very few runners on the straw and many plants are starting berries.  So, we may have a plan here.  I'm still going to try them in the greenhouse, too.  

The broccoli plants are coming along, with a small head in each one.  They, also, seem to think the straw bales are for them.  Next year, I'll also try them in the beds to see which works best.  And, I'm tripling the amount of plants I get.  Can't wait to make my own broccoli salad.

The girls are having an afternoon snack to cool off.  Today's menu offering is red grapes and celery.   I drop off the snack and watch them go crazy.  It's my new entertainment.  At the moment, they all want the grape the first one has picked up, and she's chased all over.  They take forever to notice there is a whole bowl of them.  Crazy birds!

It's afternoon and we're starting to wind down.   Ziva is asleep under a pine tree.
Think it's time to get my hammock out.

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