Friday, June 27, 2014

Say it isn't so.....

So, ANOTHER fire is now burning near Show Low, which means it's too close to us.  Boy, is this year's fire season starting out badly.  No Arizona rain to speak of for 120 days so we are dry and easily ignited.  It doesn't help that there are now campers all over the mountains, and they are not following the Stage 2 fire alert. 
No smoking, no firearms and NO CAMP FIRES!!!!!

Steve and I made a trip to the dump early in the day, getting rid of old wood pallets, old building materials and crap that didn't make the cut in the garden.  You can see lots of the replaced seeping hoses that I'm tossing.  Steve uses the 5 ton as it's high and we (and I mean Steve, here) just pull alongside a dump bin and toss it over the side.  Of course, he also uses the 5 ton to get reactions from other dump users.   Several of the guys come over for a talk, which Steve loves.

He still had some energy so he went out to cut down any tall grasses and weeds.  We don't need any fire fuels around our homestead.  Here he's using his DR Brush mower, a Christmas present after moving here.  Using a reel line trimmer is too hard on the back, even for someone like him, with a good back.  And, the heavy line this baby uses can take down smaller brushy trees and thick weeds.   Probably one of our best fire defense tools.

Visitors start arriving tonight.  Well, early in the morning.  Steve has been hinting he'll get some more work done with more people here.

Nah!!  Just his weirdness coming out.  It's too hot for them, too.

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