Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dog days.....

Steve's sister is now enjoying the mountain HEAT.  Ha!  She thought it'd be cool.... we fooled her.

Seriously, we are into the dog days of summer.  Ziva, literally, is illustrating that by laying around with NO energy.  Her first summer and she does not like it.

So, Steve was in cleaning the bathroom for Heidi and our favorite couple, when I hear laughter and he called me in to see..... this!  He was beside himself, laughing at his clever gag.  Sometimes, I wonder about his sanity.

Anyway, neither Susan, Ken, nor Heidi will have any breaks in this weather, unless the forecast tropical depression in Mexico gets rain up to us.  Ken and Susan, as usual, found sawing to do around the place. 

Heidi is trying a chain saw for the first time and did well.  At least we are making no trips to the hospital.
She is modeling her 4th of July parade hair, too.

Everyone is now just laying around as we have no more energy....

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