Monday, July 7, 2014

And, the heavens have opened.........

Well, I guess all of our praying for rain for our mountains has gotten a BIG answer and we are getting drenched.  Oh! the smell of rain in the mountains.  Intoxicating. 

It held off until the parade was over and most of us had gone home from the park.  That didn't mean much to those in the back of the 5 ton, though, because they were soaked through and through. 

Steve always tries to be the end of the parade, as the exhaust kills those sucking it in. Here they are lining up for the parade to start.  The Sheriff car was behind them, and later, as they entered the "water zone" part of the parade, he kept broadcasting that the 5 ton was the end of the parade and to use ALL of your water NOW!!! 
I could hear my family laughing as they were getting POUNDED by the spectators.

We are trying to keep our chickens dry, but not too sure how the tarp is going to work out with all of this rain.   We put another tarp up, so we hope they stay dry.

Still doing nest check daily.  Never having raised chickens, I have no idea when they'll actually start to lay them, but I'm ever the optimist. 

Darn!  Empty again...........

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  1. I remember those monsoons very well. We lived in East Mesa beyond Power Rd for several years.