Thursday, July 17, 2014

Egg-actly what we've been waiting for.....

                               Taa daa!  We have liftoff.  The girls are now young ladies. 

Of course, the nest box wasn't the sight chosen for the delivery.  No!  Found it under the water dispenser.   Since I'm not sure who'll be next, nor how long I must wait, I've put a golf ball into the nesting box to entice the girls to put the next egg there.   The egg was very small, which I've read happens with 1st eggs.  

Now, I want to sit by them and watch to see who will add the next egg.  Not practical at all.

Finally have named the girls, although the odds of calling them by their correct names is not in my favor.  Anyway, I have named them Abbi, Bebe, Cici, Dede and Effie.   Not original I'm sure, but sticking to the ABC's felt right. 

Abbi is the largest reddish one.   Bebe is the smaller reddish one.  Cici is the largest buff, then Dede.  Effie is the runt.   I can always pick out Abbi, Cici and Effie.  I get confused with the other 2.  When Effie's comb comes in, I may have a problem recognizing her.

Steve, and I, shored up the straw bales that are siding into oblivion.  I'd push them up with boards while Steve got the rebar pounded in.  They feel so light, since their middles have composted away.  Had to add some dirt to fill in holes.  They've just got to last until the end of August, but we may be cutting that close. 

The green beans have just started to flower so I'm praying nothing falls over.
Of course, I put the green beans in bales that were destined for problems.  They didn't look bad when I planted the seeds, so I couldn't know it, then.

Start harvesting carrots from the bales this week, by the looks of them.  Getting a strawberry every other day.  Broccoli still going strong. 

In the beds, leaf lettuce galore.  Spinach.  Arugula.  Basil.  Radishes. 

Life is good!

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