Sunday, July 20, 2014

HATE mosquitoes...........

Back to drier days, at least for awhile.  Now, the mosquitoes have moved into our mountains and it's making us miserable.   Both of us are covered with bites, which seem to appear out of nowhere.  Finally have hung the repellent over the bed so we don't wake up with new bumps.  The little buggers follow me around the garden too, so I'm taking precautions there.  Making sure there is no standing water and keeping watering to a minimum.

All of the monsoon rains have caused a few changes in the landscape.  Squirrel hoards are getting wet enough to sprout.  Just outside the garden fence I found this hoard of sunflower seeds that had sprouted.  Pulled up the whole mess and gave the chickens a treat.  Enjoyed the comical results.

Our haul for the last 5 days.  I've only seen one chicken lay an egg and that was Dede.  Well, NOT exactly saw her lay it, but she was the only one inside the coop when it came.   She came out and did a little dance. 

We'd read about the "egg cackle" or "egg song" when doing our research, but it doesn't seem to be universal.  They have been very quiet about the whole process, except once, when the racket made me and Steve run from 2 different places on the homestead to see what had happened.   We thought another squirrel had gotten into the coop.  Anyway, that egg was still very hot, but with all their running and screeching, we have no idea who laid that one.  It seems everyone gave voice to the egg song that time.

We got 4 small eggs before the jumbo one.  That is supposedly the size they will all lay.  I figure it's somebodies 2nd egg.  Today we had another small one.  Once this works out, I hope the jumbo sizes are the norm.

All of the eggs are laid on the ground.  Nobody has taken the cue from the golf ball in the nesting box.  Darn!  They are not too clean when laid on the ground.   Must try some other tactic.

Steve asked when we are going to eat the eggs.   I'm finding that hard to decide.  They put so much into them, it almost seems a shame to eat them...........


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