Friday, July 25, 2014

Hot time in the city.... country....

Imagine my surprise when I went to publish yesterdays blog and I had no internet service.  Actually, not much of a surprise as it happens frequently in the mountains, but I was miffed that it chose yesterday to strike. 

Most of the day was spent around the vet's office as Ziva had her spaying scheduled.  She did very well and was able to come home in the afternoon.  She spent the rest of the day recovering and sleeping.  She has to stay on a leash for several days when outside so she won't run the property and hurt herself.  She did not like that.  She received a treat, or two, and was pampered more than usual. 

Yesterday was hot in the house, about 96 degrees, so we all laid around under the fans.  It's very hard to get motivated to do anything. 
               We lucked out here, as the temperature at our house in the valley was 117.

In the early evening when it cooled off, I made this discovery.  It looks like the black plastic has paid off in regards to the zucchini harvest.  I'm ahead of last year's count by 1, so I'm counting this as a win.  I've checked for them before, but picking out the zucchini from their stems has been a challenge and 1 in particular got a little too big.   They are the best in a zucchini casserole so I'm excited.

A yellow crook-neck squash is close to picking size, too.  Never tried these before, but they are also a favorite.  Again, the heat island the plastic is creating seems to be helping. 

I've started one of each type plant in containers in the greenhouse, too.   I'm going to see how they do there and if I can extend their season in the greenhouse until the fall gets cold.  Leaving the doors open for bee exposure and cooling. 

The pepper plant in the grow bag has put out a lot of flowers.  Since this is an experiment, I'm still learning what it might do hanging upside-down.  One thing I noticed was that the plant stayed curled-up under the bag, not hanging down like the tomato.  I think it kept the leaves from the sun, so I've hung some weights on the stems to try and pull them out, and down.

The tomato plant is yellowing some; mainly the leaves just under the bag.  Not sure if this is heat, water or greenhouse related.

Back inside for more vegging for the rest of last night. 

Hoping for a cooler day today and a breeze tonight.

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