Thursday, July 31, 2014

New neighbor... bad neighbor....

We awoke to 2 roosters going off this morning.  About 4:30 AM.  We both found a way to go back to sleep, but where did that second guy come from? 

We've had only 1 neighbor with a rooster and have gotten used to him.  He was not an early riser.   He was today.  Maybe he heard his new rival and had to start early?  Only a few crows from him, but the second guy just went on... and on... and on.  May have to do some reconnoitering to find out who has the new guy.

I found myself wondering if the girls knew what it was?  They have heard the one rooster before, but do they know he's one of their kind?  Is he just noise?  Are they curious? 
Do they care? 

Steve had a few of the new eggs and I swooped in for a picture.  Four of their eggs amount to about 2 regular eggs.  They are still extremely small eggs.  They have very thick shells, though, so I know they get plenty of calcium.  Still, I guess we didn't get Golden Comet chickens.  Disappointed there.  

I also saw that Steve had dug out my old skillet with the non-stick surface.  I know he loves it, but it has been hidden away, again.  Don't want him ingesting that in his food.  He must live a long and healthy life, so I can work him to death.  Ha!

I usually get done with coffee and breakfast around 9:00 AM and hit the garden before it gets too hot.  The girls always have a lot to say when they see me (probably "What took you so long").  I check them first, then get their greens for the day together.  After that, it's time to water and weed, although I get very few weeds in the raised beds and only sprouts in the straw bales.

                                     Today's haul was impressive.  I see... salad tonight.  

        Hard-boiled eggs, carrots and sunflower seeds.  Craisins, pecans and green onions.
                                Sliced, grilled chicken breast and blue cheese dressing.   

                                                      Ooooh.  Makin' myself hungry.

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