Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Oh, the tangled mess we weave.........

After shoring up the straw bales, I noticed that the green beans are growing through the bird netting and becoming quite tangled.  I tried to separate them, but had very little luck and a lot of broken stems.

Steve ran the other way as I approached him about figuring a way to hold the netting away from the plants.  He does that a lot now.  Then, I got the same ol' story about this garden being the death of him.  (Ha!  RIGHT!!  I'M gonna be the death of him!) 
My plan to wear him down worked, as always....

and we rigged up these crossbeams with old wood and screws.  I hope they work until the bales are not in use.  I'm going to string some wire along the edges and see what happens.   I've got so many bean tendrils going that it may still be a tangled mess even with this support.  

My first few carrots from the straw bales are looking good.   Interesting!  Even with no dirt and rocks in the bale, one had the roots split, which I thought only happened in rocky soil.  The inside of the bale does look like dirt, now.  They still seem to be putting out a little heat, too.  Started a few more seeds, which are just showing now, so if the bale holds up, I'll get another crop.

The greens were tossed into the coop before I left and I headed in to thaw something for dinner.

Not sure what, but something easy.........

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  1. Weird about the carrot doing that in a hay bale.