Saturday, July 5, 2014

Parade celebrating........

Parade day and it was just a great day.  Overcast most of the day, so it wasn't too hot sitting along the side of the highway through town, waiting for the fun to start. 

I think these guys probably won for the strangest and craziest float in the parade.  They were dancing like mad along the several miles of the parade route.  They actually were keeping with the rhythm of the music they were using.  And all while being sprayed from multiple water guns.

Here's our son Aaron hosing down the crowds.  I still think the 5 ton is the most impressive of the parade entries.  I know, I'm biased.  This year, our son and my sister and her son were in the rear and did a magnificent job staying on their feet while hosing, and getting hosed.  I could hear them laughing a mile away, too. 

After a trip to the local park for food and shopping in the booths, we headed home and everyone collapsed.  Too many late nights and early mornings, and we were bushed. 

Now, we have another year to catch up on sleep and be re-energized before doing it again.....

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