Sunday, July 27, 2014

Please, bow your heads, again.....

Sad news on our homestead.  We had to help Abbie to her new home in heaven. 

On checking the chickens this morning, I noticed that she wasn't herself.  I saw a lot of red hanging out her backside and found that everything had prolapsed out containing a HUGE egg.  Quickly, I did some internet searches and found it wasn't good.  As novice homesteaders we knew things like this might happen, but I wasn't really prepared for it.

In the afternoon, we prepared as best we could.  Having a mother who'd talked about her job of getting a chicken for dinner, I knew some, but not enough.  We laid out the tools, put her into a plastic bag with her head out and we did the job.  Even with my mom's words in my ear, I wasn't ready for what happened.  Steve was a wreck because he thought it would be easier than it was.  I don't think she suffered even with our ineptness, but this is something we probably want to think through and work on. 

Before burying her we checked her out and she'd actually had 2 huge eggs trying to get out.  Couldn't keep them.  Hated to waste her, but couldn't eat her, either. 

Sad day all around......

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