Thursday, July 3, 2014

Primed for omlets. Hurry UP!!

Had a cloudy day yesterday and was really hoping for rain.  If any fell, it was only a drop, or two.  But, the odds of rain seem to be improving, as the news weatherman is forecasting the next 4 days each with a 40% chance of rain.  Hallelujah!

The girls have their new nesting box installed and seem to be wondering what it is for.  I guess we've done all the preparing we can and now it's up to Mother Nature to mature our girls.  There is some excitement about when the first egg will appear.

The girls are still being spoiled by aunty Heidi.  They seem to love to talk to her, too. 

Heidi, and birds, go together.  Her apartment mate is her cockatiel, Sverig.  BUT, I'm thinking this "touchy-feely" stuff is going a bit far.  Now, Heidi is out there kissing whomever she can corral.  She's holding the largest buff chicken here and did get a little damage from a peck while doing the kissing.   And, no!  we're not making her stay out there.   Bonding with all birds is her thing.

I'm finishing up food prep for the new visitors, who arrive tonight.   The crock pot will figure prominently in most of my preps.  Sooooo easy to use. 

Set and forget.  Until the smells drive everyone crazy.  Can't forget it, then!

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