Sunday, July 13, 2014

Rainy days and movies go together so well......

Today was a Harry Potter marathon while we waited to see what Mother Nature was going to spring on us.   Only lost power a couple times, for only a few minutes each time (a record up here).  That gives me time for breaks, as I get too engrossed in the films sometimes.

Checked on the girls early, after thunder woke us up.  It continued to thunder most of the day.  Now thunder up in the mountains is extremely loud, maybe because we're closer to it? 

Anyway, the girls had to stay under cover because we haven't been getting any warnings when the sky will open up and drench the place.

Threw their breakfast greens into the run to give them something to do.  They are partial to spinach and broccoli plant leaves.   They also got sunflower kernels and some meal worms.  The breezes were nice so they kept cool; we really enjoyed them, too.

Before I headed in for the day, I grabbed a lot of basil to work on during breaks.  It's coming in fast and furious now.  Here is a demo on freezing it.  Chop, or scissor, the washed leaves.  I love my multi-bladed scissors.  They do a fast job and the pieces are more uniform with a lot less work.  The pieces go into an ice cube tray and olive oil is added to cover.  Freeze and pop cubes into a freezer bag for any winter cooking needs.

Seven movies later, we'd had some short, but heavy rains.   Many sprinkles.  Lots of thunder.   The day wasn't productive outside, but I did a lot inside for my freezer.

And... Harry saved the wizarding world.   


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