Friday, July 11, 2014

Slip, sliding away......

The chicken coop has turned out to need extensive weather-proofing during this monsoon.  The cover does an ok job with sunny days, but it actually diverts the rain run-off directly down the sides, where it runs back under the coop and into the run. 
And, a wet run and coop stink! 

Tarps are now all around the place.  They have stakes to hold them out, and away, from the coop, so the water is sent away from the structure.  We fold them up during good weather and the place has dried out nicely. 

Now, I must draw up a plan for a permanent roofed structure.  I had planned on it when we had the house roofed with metal, but that is several years off.   So, what will work for the short run?

We've fallen over those darned stakes several times too, so you may hear about some injuries soon.  We've shamed ourselves with the words that come from our mouths when we go flying.  But, only us and the wildlife to hear them, so we're safe for awhile.

The green beans in the straw bale garden are finally getting up to the trellis, but this is taking so much longer than I thought it would.  This bale has 3 plants and there are 3 more in other bales, so I'm hoping for many beans for canning and freezing.  The bale that isn't growing things well has a butternut squash seed planted to see if it'll do something with that.  One strong bale has also been planted with the fall pumpkins. 
I say strong, because........

some bales are starting to sag and slide.  The book said to expect this, but wow!  I guess they've composted almost all the way through the center.  Got to get Steve to help me shore them up so they last until the end of summer. 

Loving the cooler days and wet, breezy nights.  I am hoping for more sun, though.  The zucchini isn't liking this weather.  It needs HOT! 

I know.  Can't make me happy.  When hot, I want cool.  When cool, I want hot.

Steve is sooooo confused......


  1. Looks good. Lots of hard work, but rewarding.

  2. Sure is. But, kinda soothing, too. I sit and veg a LOT!