Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sunny days are here, again.....

Finally, after 2 days of overcast skies we had a nice, sunny day.  I would have loved rain with those overcast days, but nothing to speak of.

The dark days were an accompaniment to my heart.  Still feeling the loss of Abbie each time I go out and take care of the chickens.  I find I'm more worried about the other 4 now.  They might miss her, as they want to be held.  If I open the feeding door, or walk in with greens for them, they line-up directly in front of me.  I pick each one up, talk to her and set her gently down.  Another takes her place and we do the same thing.  They each line up again.  Strange.

With the lack of sun, I was sure the squashes and tomatoes would have slowed down, but they seem to have liked it and taken off.  The pumpkin in the bale on the bed has headed for the ground.  The zucchini on top of the bale has put out several fruits.  On the back side of the bale, the acorn squash is plugging along.

Pulled the leaves aside and found this little pumpkin going strong.  Must get a cradle for it so it doesn't get any rind problems going.  Wonder if this'll be our Halloween pumpkin?

Getting 2-3 strawberries a day, now.  Still not enough to really do anything with, but eat.  I must plan for next year when I hope to get enough to start canning some jelly.

Ziva has had her stitches out and is off her pain meds.  She is finally allowed out without being on a leash. 

She probably likes not having Steve attached to her on her nightly walks.

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