Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ziva sees her favorite vet....

Turns out all of the moping Ziva was doing for several days was not just because of the heat.  She started with the runs, constantly, and needed several outings, even during a few nights.  She wasn't eating much, but did consume a lot of water.  Now, she does have almost 5 acres to wander.  We do try to watch for anything she might eat on the property, but can never see all she does while outside. 
Heaven only knows the "many craps" she may be eating out there.

She did eat her first woodpecker this week, but the vet figured even the woodpecker wouldn't cause this woe, so she got some meds and a shot.   This morning she was better and seemed back to her old self.  Now, was it the visit to the vet, or was she coming out of her illness naturally?  Or, possibly, that today was a touch cooler?  Ziva watch to continue.

So, out in the garden, I'm deciding to just give up on the jerry-rigged irrigation system that is watering the raised beds.  There are parts of 4 different systems trying their best to stay connected.  Even using plumber's tape, duct tape and lots of clamps and screws; it's not working.  More water shoots from the taped mess than seems to get to the plants.  I'd hoped to get through this season, but it's not to be.  Steve found a different seeping hose at our local hardware store, so I'm putting it in today.

Heidi has become attached to the girls since she arrived.  She gets in with them and has a talk every day.  They seem to answer back in kind.  Here, she is plying them with treats.   

The girls started on their layer food today, one day earlier than they were supposed too, but the other food ran out.  They seem to like it, but then again, they seem to like any food.  Hoping to get the nest box in today, too.

Well, I'm off....   Wait.  What?

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