Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bossy hen meets ingenuity......

Not a good picture but the butternut squash vine has 3 on it now.  I'm really excited.  The largest is balancing on top of the raised bed's edge.  I've placed squash cradles under the other 2, which are on the ground.  I'm excited as I've succeeded in growing another plant I've not done before.   (note to self: polish toenails before letting foot get into another photo)

My 1st prize pumpkin is getting it's orange color, now.  I LOVE growing pumpkins.  Of course, they do all the work, but I'll take credit for it's lovely size and sheen.  I'm definitely going to grow pumpkins every year from now on.   I did look them up on the internet and I should've gotten more on this vine.  I'm still waiting.  Still many flowers so, maybe sometime soon?  

Sister-in-law Heidi and I were talking while observing the chickens today.  I may have to discipline one.  She constantly picked on the 3rd largest chicken, Dede, I think.   The picker is Cici, I think.  They are all looking alike now and I can only pick out Effie for sure.

(As an aside here, found out that Effie is the smarty-pants who is actually using the nesting box for her eggs) 

Anyway, Dede kept trying to get into the one corner depression all the ground layers are using.  So, there's Dede trying to lay and here comes Cici who pecks her and squawks and makes her move.  This happened several times, even with the 2 of us yelling at her to stop it. When Cici left the coop, probably for a second before bothering Dede again, Heidi shut the coop door.  Dede was able to lay her egg in peace while Cici tried to get back in.   Not sure if this has been happening all along, but I'm not sure if it can be stopped, either.   

Bebe and Cici seem to be the bosses in the coop, so what they think goes, but this isn't right. If I see it happen again, I think I'll see if I can get Dede out and place her in the nesting box. If she can figure it out and use it, then laying will be a better experience.  

For both of us, as I was getting hot under the collar and my blood pressure probably did rise.

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