Saturday, August 23, 2014

Canning master of the WORLD!!!

Slaving away in the kitchen getting more canning of the prolific zucchini and yellow crook-necked squash done before they go bad.  These plants are going crazy and the 2 of us cannot keep up just by eating them.

My canning books did not have a recipe for canning zucchini.  In fact, there are warnings about NOT canning them from the government sites.  Seems they lost their documentation for canning these veggies and have not bothered to re-do the tests for canning it.  So, I hit the internet for recipes.  The Amish seem to have done it for years and haven't died from their squash.  Other canner's have family recipes and I used a couple recipes from them.

         Preparation goes quickly if you have a mandolin.  I LOVE mine.  Uniform slices.  
                                                                     Piece of cake!   

Taa daa!  Six jars ready to use during the next winter.  They go into soups, stews, breads or cakes.  The 2 different squash colors look nice, too.  Still waiting for tomatoes, though.

Speaking of the chickens.   Wait, was I?  

Ok, in my head I was thinking of the chickens and went to check on our little experiment with their feeding and watering equipment.  It seems we were correct in changing the coop system and had nice, clean feeders.  

I'm wondering who may be mad at us, as her preferred sleeping roost has disappeared.   
Is she planning her revenge?  

Stay tuned to find out..... same Bat-time, same Bat-channel......


  1. Did you can them in the pressure cooker? LL

  2. Yes. Veggies have to be pressure canned.