Monday, August 4, 2014

Compost with me awhile........

I'm going to talk about the compost pile today.  I think I've been neglecting it lately, so it's feeling lonely.  It certainly isn't growing larger, nor is it seeming to do much work.  The monsoon rains are probably some of the reason as it isn't getting as hot as it used to and it's soggy.

Yes, I'm also a probable culprit.  I've not been feeding it as well as I did.  I have the excuse of the chickens here.  They are eating much of the food that used to go into the compost.  Even with their old straw bedding, it's having problems.  I have been very good about nothing going into the trash that can go into the pile.  Yet, the trash seems to fill much faster than the compost bin. 

I even got it a "new" old tool so caring for it is easier.  Was it thankful? NO!   We had this old pitchfork in our valley garage that came from Steve's dad's farm.  They were farmers and dairy owners in Phoenix.  So much easier to turn the pile than with a rake, but not helping.

These beetles seem to like climbing over the compost pile, but they don't seem to eat from it, or burrow in it, even though they eat grasses, veggies and fruit.  For years we've called them Bombardier beetles, but they are really Pinacate Beetles.  Had to look them up as Ziva seems to enjoy eating them.  When she had that bout of throwing up we wondered if her predilection for them caused it.  They STINK.  So, her breath stinks.  Anyway, they get tossed into the pile if they're on it when I turn it.  Too bad they don't help with working it.

Had a lovely weed grow from the pile and I couldn't remove it until the flowers faded.  It was just too pretty. It's gone now, as I didn't want seeds forming.  So, something was working in the pile.  

There just won't be enough compost to do anything with this fall in the garden.   I'll need to resort to buying more compost to cover the beds through winter.  

Hopefully, the garden will be cooking with gas the next year.  

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