Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fall weather..... HEY! It's only August......

Well, we are back to rainy days that have necessitated the wearing of socks, long pants, sweaters, jackets and other assorted apparel.  I do love it when it's cold, but I didn't think fall weather would get here so quickly.

Today, I decided to stay inside and do something warm, like can.  Going to use an old family water bath canner and see what comes about.  Trying Green Pepper/Zucchini Relish.  

They turned out well.  Hoping they are done well enough to be safe.  Ha!  Having to adjust for the altitude makes me a little wary.  The recipe said I'd get 10 1/2 pints.  I filled 12.  Gifts for everyone!   Steve came in half-way through and asked if we were having hot dogs for lunch. He said it smelled like hot dog relish in here.  I guess it did.  He tried to turn on the vent fan; I know it was to be nice, but I was enjoying the heat and steam.  Turned it off and warmed up, again.

While waiting for the canner water to start boiling, which took forever (thank the altitude for that, too), we headed out to fix a little problem in the chicken coop.  

Now, their food and water hung from a small metal piece of tubing.  I thought they'd use their wooden roosts which are bigger and easier for their feet to roost on.  NO!   SOMEONE is roosting on that tiny pole and pooping in the water and food.   Quite the balancing act there.   Tired of cleaning the items daily, we decided to take the metal pole out and hang the water and food directly from the roof of the coop.  Take that!

Everyone had to check out the new arrangement.  Let's hope this fixes the problem.

Did some garden work and found the tomatoes in the beds have FINALLY started ripening.  

Now, I just need 15 pounds of the Roma tomatoes to hurry and ripen so I can can spaghetti sauce.   The muddy splatters make them look bad, but the rain doesn't care about that.

It's cold, so back in I went.  Ziva is cavorting around and making a muddy mess. 

Oh, Steeeeve......

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