Monday, August 25, 2014

Green beans, green beans, have you any pods?.....

Our visitors departed today and left with some lovely parting gifts..... they are covered with mosquito bites.  OK, Ok, that is not how we usually send our visitors home.  

I honestly don't even know where those little buggers came from.  We haven't had any rain for several days, and even before that, we only had light showers.  We also have screens and such to keep the wayward mosquito out, but Ziva seems to have gotten her screen messed up and they must've come through there.  

I still wonder why Noah saved those 2 mosquitos.  
                               For the life of me, I'll never understand what are they really needed for!

Here is a picture of a beautifully green, lush green bean plant.  It's in front of another beautiful, lush green bean plant.  

Now, what is the difference between these beautiful green bean plants, you ask?  
Only 1 is making any green beans!   This one is not.  There are flowers all over it.  There hasn't been 1 bean pod on it.  I can't understand what the problem is, and I've had many problems getting these beans to grow.   Maybe it's where it's planted, or what it's planted in? This straw bale has carrots and strawberry plants in it besides the beans.  Could they inhibit something?  

Now, contrast that plant with this one above.  It is sickly, yellowish and PRODUCING BEAN PODS!   It's in the straw bale from Hell, but even with the sickly looks, it's doing much better than the lush plant.  I've finally gotten to the point where I'm deciding I may never grow green beans again!   

OK, maybe not in straw bales.   
OK, maybe not this particular cultivar. 
OK, probably will try again in the new raised beds, which are not made, yet.

Let's just say that these green beans may have taken me to my breaking point.

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