Friday, August 8, 2014

I'm a Travelin' Man... um, girl....

Headed out yesterday to do grocery shopping for more company that is arriving.  I finally ordered a sign for our door that says we're an official "Bed and Breakfast, Where You Make Both" and can't wait to get it.  I think it'll cause a few chuckles.

As I stated, we were shopping for food yesterday, but stopped to get some new school clothes for the grandkids.  While about Show Low, I suggested we check out a few sales, too.  Ended up getting something large.  Of course, we were not prepared to take it home as we weren't in the pickup truck. 

Now, Ziva is miffed at us.  She had to stay home for the grocery trip, where she promptly threw a fit, involving shredding her crate bedding.  Well, she had to endure staying home without us, again, as we took the truck to pick up the item today.  She has been giving us the evil-eye and, even with a special treat for putting up with the second trip, she still has that look in her eye.  She'll be back to normal tomorrow, but I don't like it when she's upset.

When we got back I headed out to the garden and found that I finally had some green beans ready for picking.  Not a huge amount, but a good start.  Hoping to get a good amount to start a little canning session. I'm only going to can in pints as we don't eat a lot at one sitting, so I'll finally get to try out my new pressure canner.   I am going to have to get my "bean" eyes working, though.  It's so hard to see the little buggers and distinguish them from the stems and such.  I'm finding that I would have loved red beans.  

Traveling all over makes one hungry, but traveling all over makes one not want to work in the kitchen. Luckily, I freeze extra casseroles for just such occasions.  I got one out to thaw while we were away.  Just had to mix up a zucchini casserole and bake Daddy's Favorite Casserole from the freezer.  

Daddy's Favorite Casserole was my mom's jumble of a casserole that all of us kids loved. (Well, recently found out it WASN'T my middle sister's favorite).  The rest of us loved it.  My dad was a meat and potatoes man.  His father was a butcher, so he was always snacking on meat when a child.  Anyway, with 5 kids, mom was very good at fast, but good, meals.  My kids had Daddy's Favorite Casserole as kids, too.

The zucchini casserole was good, but I now need to find other ways to use up zucchini.

Maybe I'll next learn to fry it with ranch dressing.......


  1. Daddy's favorite casserole, yuck! (Although yours looks way better) LL