Sunday, August 31, 2014

Oops, I did it, again.....

               Yes, I blew it.  I missed my self-imposed blog publishing deadline, again.  
                                                     I'm feeling, um....deflated.

     But, it wasn't my fault....I had company....I was holding a sale....I got sunburned......

Whew!  That seemed a mouth-full.   Yes, I blew it, but I did get a lot of stuff out of my garage and ready to sell at the Rummage Riot on Saturday.  Steve will NOT have to move those items ever again (I can hear the cheering).

My mom showed up for a one night visit and helped us set up the sale tables.  We met a lot of new people in our little booth setup outside the Chamber of Commerce.  We, unfortunately, didn't get up at the crack of dawn to get one of the few spots that had shade, so I roasted.    

Anyway, we took 7 empty containers home (out of the 12 I took there), which meant a lot of items went and we made a tidy profit.  Arrived home and couldn't move the rest of the night. Sunburned, sore back and overheated, we just vegged in our chairs and didn't move.

                    Oh, Steeeve, lets go out to dinner and celebrate when we CAN move....

My pumpkin is fully orange now, and I'm just waiting for it to sound hollow when I knock on it, before cutting it free.   The waiting is horrendous.  And, I'm a little nervous, as I'm not sure exactly how "hollow" sounds, when knocking on a pumpkin.   

So, every day I knock on it and evaluate.  I'm banking on the sounds I'm hearing as "not ready yet" sounds.  

The beans are still coming quickly on the plant doing something.   But, I'm excited for the lovely, lush green plant that wasn't doing anything.  IT'S DOING SOMETHING!!   
Finally, little bean pods have appeared.  Did a little Irish jig to celebrate.  

Problem is, they are starting just as the nights are getting cold and I'm worried.  We are, unfortunately, back to our yearly problem of short seasons.  The mornings are around 40 degrees and the plants are starting to show signs they don't like the cold.  

The "good" green bean plant has yellowing leaves.  The tomatoes are all showing yellowing leaves, too.  Uggg!   NOT AGAIN!

I'm praying that my tomatoes ripen soon.  We'll have 4 days of sun this next week, so I hope the plants put on a surge.  

So many green tomatoes, so little time.......

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