Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Perusing our neighborhood......

We have a lull between visitors which gives me a chance to catch up on some blogging.  I must say that it helps that some of our visitors get us out of the house and off of the property. It does seem hard for us to just get in the car and check out our neighborhood.

Black Canyon Lake is just west of us and we see the turnoff sign every time we head to the valley.  Heidi got us to visit it on this trip.  The water was very low but you could see that there was fish in it by all of the jumping for bugs that was going on.  Ziva drug Steve all over the place, even growling a few times when smelling...... what!?  Bears..... cows.....coyotes? There were cows all over and she even tried to  jump from the moving vehicle to get to them. Man!  Her barks in an enclosed car almost deafened us.

Heidi walked off to talk to some fishermen.  Ziva pulled Steve across the lake.  I stayed by the car and took pictures.  When I'd let my camera dangle while standing there, I felt a pull on it.  Looking down, this little chipmunk is holding onto it while checking it out.  Now, it's a chubby chipmunk, as chipmunks go.  It's either finding plenty of food in the area or sightseers are filling it with junk food.   It was not skittish and let me take the photo.

There are quite a few lakes around our mountains so this trip has made Steve and me decide that every few weeks we'll check out a new sight and see the beautiful scenery.   

He sees a few places I don't when he's out shooting and driving the 5 ton.  

I guess it's time I did!

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