Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pumpkin a-peeking out.....

The pumpkin is really looking good today.  This is just a week after the last picture, so it has really grown. There have been many flowers since this appeared, but no other pumpkins have appeared.  Not having ever grown them before, I have no idea how many grow on a vine, but I was sure you got more than one.  Time to check the internet on this.

The butternut squash is putting out flowers all over it's vine, but nothing has become a squash.  I'm hoping there are enough for some freezing, but only time will tell.  

Of the squash seeds I put into the straw bales, only 2 came up.  So, today I put more butternut and pumpkin seeds into the bales.  I hope that some make it to squashes before it freezes outside.  

The zucchini and yellow crook-neck in the greenhouse have come up.  It's still running about 100 degrees in the greenhouse, so my fears that it might get too hot were unfounded.   Heat seems to be the friend of the squash.   My plan to grow them into fall still has many days ahead of it, but so far, so good.   

The tomato plant in the greenhouse is looking much better after I added calcium to the grow-bag.  More stems developed tomatoes and the yellowing leaves have not gotten any worse.   Used the chicken's calcium (oyster shell) so I'm getting double duty from that bag. 
Lots of peppers on the pepper in the grow-bag, too, so this may work in the future.

Next, I've got to figure out how to over-winter the strawberry plants when they are removed from the straw bales.  I've got some pots that'll do so, more research to do. 

Steve is working on his weed chores.  Doing the brush mowing around the house and inside the garden.  It'll be nice when we finally get the material and cinders down to prevent weeds in the garden.  That'll probably be after the monsoon goes away, as all this rain is really doing a number with the weed growth around the homestead..  

The house south of us is for sale and somebody is out doing their weeds, too. 

It's sounding a little "Dueling Banjos" but with mowers.

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