Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Spring cleaning... in August.....

                           My living room is looking cluttered and full of cra-, well... stuff!

This picture is showing just 2 of 5 tables, and you aren't even seeing the counters in the kitchen.  The Rummage Riot is coming this Labor Day weekend and I'm going to get rid of as much as I can.  Whatever is left will probably go on the web.

Now, I may have a problem here, as all of this is Victorian Christmas decor gathered over several years.  It's really unknown how many people up here even have Victorian decor in their homes.  I'm hoping there are several.  Hoping collectors are visiting for the holiday.       
                            (Friends, relatives from the valley.  Wanna make a trip?)

I found a picture of 1, of the 3 trees, I usually put out during my Victorian period.  I'm surprised I hadn't taken many of just the trees.  Anyway, I'm blowing the picture up to put on the tables to show how the stuff was used.   It's hard to believe I've become more restrained in my decor, as I've aged, than when I took this pic.  

I wouldn't have gotten this far in the unpacking, if it hadn't been for my visitors.  I had a lot of help going through all the stuff, even finding a home for a few items with them.  Even after they left, I found more cra-, stuff, in the garage and I'm still figuring out what goes.   More girly stuff will be held back for the grand-girls, but there will still be tons of things to go.

Figuring out how to price will keep me up tonight.  I know what it's worth and what I paid for it.  Now, it's gotta go to new homes and cheaply.  

But, not TOO cheaply.  Ha!

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