Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ziva to the rescue.....

         Ziva has been strutting around the place today.  She's feeling invincible, I think.  

Early this morning she "saved" the chickens.  Steve and Ziva were opening the coop early in the morning.   A large animal was near the garden fence, but Steve couldn't tell which it was, fox or coyote.  Ziva keyed on it and went after it.  You should've seen the hair on her back..... it stuck up a few inches, but she ran it off the property.  I don't think it'll even think of coming back.  She received a few extra treats for taking care of business.

The "girls" were taking care of business, too, and probably didn't notice a thing.   I'm finding most eggs in this corner, laid in the dirt.  A little upsetting as there is a perfectly good, clean nesting box just above their preferred deposit sight.   Can't make a few of them follow the rules.

However, someone has it correct.   This is the 3rd egg found in the nesting box.  I haven't seen any birds in it, so have no idea who is the smarty-pants.  Hopefully, the others will learn about the great egg-laying location, soon.  But, not holding my breath.

The raised bed with the squashes and tomatoes has really become overgrown. The zucchini and yellow crook-neck plants are around 5 feet in diameter and their leaves are covering everything.   So much so that I completely missed a zucchini that had grown up under a tomato bush.  It had gotten stuck under the tomato cage, too.  Only saw it because I was putting magnesium around the base of the tomatoes and had to lift a lot of branches.  I think this one'll be chopped up for the girls.  

Getting things together to try out my pressure canner.  We'll see how many green beans I get in the next day so I can get my "maiden voyage" accomplished.  I'm a little scared of the canner.  With all it's clamps, gauges and weights, it's intimidating.  

If I don't write again..... it blew up!

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