Saturday, August 2, 2014

Zucchini/yellow crook-neck up the wazoo....

Well, we have definitely passed our zucchini production of last year.  Many, many times over. I'm calling neighbors and friends now, and at least they are still taking my calls.  I'm even giving out Sherri's casserole recipe with the bags.  

After 2 lonely zuccs last year, I can see I over did it this year.  
                Yes! Yes!  No need to tell me "I told you so" even though NOBODY told me so.  
                                         In my defense, I AM conducting a couple of experiments here....

First, would they grow with more heat than last year?  (Yes, add black plastic and yikes!) 

  Second, do they like straw bales (Yes, they do!  They grow darker in the bales, too.)

Third, can I get rid of some through the chickens?  (Yes, chop them and put in with greens)
Thank God for chickens and their need to eat pretty-much constantly.  

I guess there is another question here, which is.....

Fourth, can you slip an inexhaustible amount to friends and family?   Haven't found that out, yet, but I think I am at critical mass there.   I do have a compost pile, so there IS a place to put some, but hate to waste them there.  Better in somebody's tummy.  Must find a way to can them.

We could use our boys here.  During their growing up, our small valley garden had 1 zucchini and 1 yellow crook-neck squash plant (after learning a lesson).  It was just enough for 4 people.  The boys loved zucchini and carrots julienned and stir-fried with garlic in a wok.  They loved the squash casserole.  I miss them and their always-empty stomachs.  
I also miss their slipping some on neighbors doorsteps late at night.  Ha!

Had family in from California yesterday.   Tried to give them some.  They ran!

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