Friday, September 5, 2014

A monsoon, in our lagoon.......

Rain has been here for a few days and the forecast is for 4 more days, at a 20% to 60% chance.   We hit town yesterday and had a HUGE storm while there.  I LOVED it!  

Major food shopping trip and my baby (vehicle) had a recall notice to take care of.  Didn't need anything done as the recall seems to be for vehicles in rainy, humid conditions, of which we are usually not.  I guess our monsoon doesn't count.  Always good to hear your vehicle has a clean bill of health.  Our front yard, though, doesn't....... 

The monsoon rain has brought out the grasses around the property.  The rain has also made the ground soft so Ziva did a little "decorating" outside.  She was following gopher tunnels, actually.  Was she ever a mess afterward.  

I'm still waiting for the day she brings me a gopher so she can get a treat.   Until then, we'll just get these lovely landscape creations.

The squash and zucchini in the green house have both flowered.  I still have to check them frequently for water as the green house gets very hot in the afternoons.  I'm hoping bees find the blossoms.  Only male flowers now, but I'm hoping for fruiting.  

The leaves are nothing like the plants outside, though.  Another thing to ponder.  Why?

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