Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cold, rainy... perfect for canning, and chili.....

    Very excited to have my pasta sauce made.  It was quite a process, but it tastes great.

                                      I have to say they look like jars full of red jewels.  

I think I've hit on the perfect way to make the sauce with my NEW process of making it a 2-day affair.   It was so much more relaxing this way.   If I'd made the full 15 pound recipe in 1 day, I may have lost my mind.   

As is turned out, I'm relaxed and happy.   I know now that I'll get 11 pint jars to a full recipe, or 5 and some left over with the half recipe.   

The little left over went into tonight's dinner of chili.  Love the smell of chili simmering when it's cold outside.   

It felt like cold and rainy days when growing up.   My mom would have chili, or beef stew, ready for dinner for us after cold, rainy days while at school.   She'd add cornbread, or butter on Saltines, and we'd feel all cozy and warm.  Ahhhh, love those memories.

I went the cornbread route tonight.  We cocooned with our dinner in front of a movie.  

If it'd been a little colder I might've begged Steve for a fire, but it was too much work tonight. I just needed a warm meal and a heated backrest and I was set.


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