Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall is here...... lovin' it.....

OK, it's looking like we have the internet back on.  The hazards of the mountains are power going off a lot, and now, internet going out.  Think I'll stay, though.

I owe a few posts, so I'll get one on now.

I finally got to the garden today.  It's been raining so much that I didn't even try for a couple days.  I'd filled the girl's food and water stations before the last really big rain, so I knew they'd be fine a few days, if needed.  It was!!   I'd left a rain gauge out just to see what we might get and there was an inch and a half in it.  In just 36  hours.  Wow!  

They got a treat today, since it's been a while since I gave them a treat.  7 eggs in the coop so they were busy and deserved some treats.

Yogurt with crumbles in it.  They were really enjoying it.  I think I've been forgiven for my extended absence.  It disappeared in a nano-second.  Really!!!  NOT!!

The garden went on producing just as always.  I wondered how it would do after all the wind and rain... and really cold temperatures.  

The tomato plants look like there'd be no more ripening, but there were still ripe tomatoes. 

I've had it with the zucchini cooking along.  It just keeps coming and I'm TIRED of it.   TIRED, I TELL YOU!!!!  Never will I plant more than 2 plants.  Yes, this year was an experiment.  What I found out?  Zucchini can make one crazy!!!  CRAZY, I TELL YOU!!!

Dug under the zucchini plant in the straw bale (which I'm thinking of pulling out) and it was covering a new butternut squash. It's a little lopsided, but isn't it wonderful?  Now, will it ripen before it freezes?  Only time will tell.  

Fall is here and it's finally looking like it.   The garden is covered in a thin layer of pine needles, so the pines are feeling it, too.  Sat for a while in the garden, just enjoying it. Usually, I'm out sitting in the shade.  Not anymore!  Now, I'm sitting in the sun enjoying the warmth.  

It smells wonderful after all the rain cleaned the air.  "Course, always clean air in our mountains.  It's why we're now here!

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