Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day over, now the real labor begins......

Even though the nights are getting colder, the days are still warm and sunny.  Outside at 12:20 PM today and the temperature was 90.8 degrees, so most of my plants are still producing.   

Steve is going to try and get more weeding done.  The grass is as eye as an elephant's eye.
Wonder what our monsoon totals were, as the weeds say it was a lot.

The zucchini and yellow squash are still coming on strong, and I get a handful of beans every day.  I still need to save for a few days, though, to get enough for a few jars of preserved beans.   The chickens are helping with the glut of squash by getting some every day with their greens.  

My last canning session produced the above.   I tried a recipe for canning zucchini that is grated and saved.  I followed the directions, but they turned out strangely.  

At first, after I removed the jars from the canner, the zucchini was all at the top of the jars and the bottom was 2 inches of fluid.  Over the day, the shreds went to the bottom and a huge space evolved up at the top.  The jars are fully sealed, so I assume they are safe to eat, but they look terrible.  I think I'll just use the recipe for sliced rounds like before.   The green beans look wonderful.

The Labor Day holiday is now over and all of the visitors from the valley are gone.  It's very quiet here.  Last night we hit the country club for a dinner out and wondered if it would be busy.  We were the only ones there; well, other than employees.  

Very strange to be the only diners in the place, but then again, Steve is used to strange.

Hey..... wait......!!

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