Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New experiment starting....

I was needing another experiment for the greenhouse, so I found some tomato plants on sale and popped them into planters in the greenhouse.   If it works, tomatoes in winter!!!

                                           (note to self; get shorter plant supports)  

The planters won't fit on the top shelves without the supports hitting the greenhouse roof, so they get to do their thing on the ground.   The planters were on sale, too, so I'm a happy camper.... gardener.......

The tomato plant in the hanging planter has just about reached its end.  I may get 3 more tomatoes off it in the next day, or two.  So, year total looks like 6-7.

But either way:

the plant variety isn't good as a hanger (Pink Brandywine)
the planter itself isn't good for a tomato plant
the greenhouse environment isn't working well (too hot, too dry, etc.)

The tomato plants in the raised beds are finally giving me lots of tomatoes.  I was able to get several jars of diced tomatoes canned for later use.   I've beat last years harvest by a mile. Black plastic has shown me the way.  

The plants themselves are looking terrible, though.  Leaves are not liking the cold temperatures at night.   Two of the tomato plants I raised from seed will not keep their tomatoes on the plant.  As soon as the tomato gets a blush, it detaches from the plant.  If I barely touch one, it detaches, even if green.   Won't try that variety again.  They go to the chickens, so no waste, but what a waste.

There is just something luscious about looking at canned tomato products.  
Ruby goodness. Can't wait to try them all sorts of ways this winter.  

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